Common Water Heater Myths: What You Need to Know in Maumelle

Myth #1: They last forever

Myth #2: All water heaters are the same

Myth #3: You get more hot water with a bigger tank

Myth #4: You can DIY when repairing or replacing

Myth #5: Flushing water heaters isn't necessary

Myth #6: Keeping an outdated water heater saves you money

Myth #7: Bigger water heater tanks are more energy efficient

Myth # 8: There's no problem cranking up the water temperature

Myth #9: Setting your water heater to the highest temperature is fine

Myth #10: Water heaters aren't energy-efficient

Myth #11: Water heaters don't need regular maintenance

Myth #12: You can use any type of water heater in the home

Myth #13: Hard water damages your water heater

Myth #14: Tankless water heaters are more costly

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